I Knew he was the one – Mrs. Love Ogah (Nee Oyedepo)

I remember taking pictures for this wedding back then when I was in Covenant Uni.. Ever wondered if he/she is the one? Shalom Truths Magazine team caught up with Mrs. Love Ogah and had an interesting time getting to know how she knew her husband was the one.

Can we meet you?
My name is Love Ogah (Nee Oyedepo).
Tell us about yourself (Your hobbies, your best foods, random facts)
(Laughs) My hobby! I don’t even know what I will call my hobby now, but definitely one thing I like to do is to take time off because I don’t really get that much time off so I like to rest, that will not be classified as a hobby. I like to read, definitely do. Then I like to spend time with people that I care about. My best food? I don’t really have a best food. I have a best fruit though. I love pineapple, that’s my best fruit. My favorite color is red what else?(continue)

Let’s bring it closer home, how was it like growing up as the daughter of Bishop David Oyedepo?
Laughs. Well, I think whenever I am asked that question, it sounds funny to me, and I think I understand why people ask me that question. But it sounds funny to me because I don’t know any other way I would have grown up. So definitely it was normal to me. That was my own normal, but I understand the point of view where everyone looks at it from. But for us or let me speak for myself. For me particularly I saw growing up in the family that I was privileged to grow up from as a privilege, really! And a privilege, because I didn’t choose my family but God choose them for me and He choose them for me for a reason. And I always believe that to whom much is given, much is expected. I have been blessed in my life with role models that have shown me how I should live my life, what I should do and how I could try to make an impact on my generation. It is a blessing and I know that much, and so for me it’s just about giving the much that I have into my world. So, it has always been a privilege and I like the fact that when we were growing up, you know in church and all those things, our parents tried to exclude us in some way. So, we were not necessarily placed in that box, you understand. I mean, after secondary school (we went to a boarding school), and so boarding school we were at home for how many months of the year. And after secondary school we left the country to go to school. So, we were allowed to grow and for us it has helped us to be able to find our voice, it has helped us to be able to develop ourselves. It’s a blessing, that’s all I can say.
How did you meet your husband?
Oh my God How I met my husband? Obviously I won’t say too much, you know me, but God helping me I will say as much as I think we would need for this. I met him 8-9years ago. We met a very long time ago and those days when we were in school we used to come back home for the summer and holidays and we used to come to Covenant University sometimes. We had a lot of people that went to secondary school that finished from Covenant. So we used to come around, my brothers were around also, so he was a very good friend to my brothers and there was a particular year that there was a programme organized, that year we got quite close. So most of the time they were in the house, they used to come and visit we were all just close friends for a long time, and then we got to know each other, before eventually other things happened and we are where we are today. So it’s been a long time coming.
How did you know that he was the one?
A very good question, because marriage is a very big decision. For me it got to a point that I kept on praying that prayer and it got to a point where I tried to open myself up to say ok, let me not say that this will not work with whoever it is for whatever reason. Let me open myself up to God and find out why he is the one or why this person is not the one and from that point you know, I felt some sort of peace about him. I wouldn’t say God said that is your husband, I didn’t hear that. Laughs, it happens for some people and I think it is great if it happens for you and I guess I wish it happened for me that way, but it didn’t, but for me all the different parts just came together you understand and it was like when you sit down and look, because we all have a list in our mind, even if we are not putting it on paper we have it in our mind.
 So what is your advice to people that are single?
For me I think the single phase is the phase where we get to sit down and develop who we really are. We have to develop our character, we have to grow spiritually, and we have to grow in our career. I think it’s not anything that one should be ashamed of. I think it is something that we have to own and ensure that we try to make work for ourselves.
Full article in Shalom Truths Magazine



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    7 years and them no kiss ortouch??

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    Dec 17, 2014 at 12:29 am

    Hahaha….. Anonymous dat one dey censored.

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